INNOVATEX keeps its eye on the environment

... and helps our clients do the same with eco-conscious promotional choices

Did You Know?

  • ... that bamboo can regenerate itself up to 4ft in 24 hrs?
  • ...that an eco-friendly tote bag is still one of the most popular promotional products?
  • ... that bonded leather products are beautiful, durable and are made from 100% recycled leather scraps?
  • ... that by keeping your tires properly inflated you are significantly reducing gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • ... that every little step helps?
Eco FootprintInnovatex practices corporate responsibility, social responsibility and corporate sustainability; leaving a lighter ecological footprint whenever possible. With that in mind, we have sourced a fabulous selection of eco-friendly promotional solutions. Products made from bamboo, recycled leather, non-woven material, PET, and corn to name a few. When you wish to consider the environment, let the Innovatex team find the perfect product for your event [and for the earth].
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