Learn Something New, They Said

  • Apr 23, 2020



For years I have threatened to drive the bobcat that we use to unload skids at our office.  But I’ve never followed through.

It took a pandemic to get me into the bobcat.

With all the changes and uncertainty in the world right now, many employees and business owners are fulfilling roles they typically wouldn’t. True, CEO's may already be used to being referred to as “Chief Everything Officers”, but now, that title rings even truer.

Bosses can be seen on production lines, nurses are being trained in areas beyond their specialty and I became the bobcat driver!  When there are skids of product to move, you do what needs to be done.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if you’re baking a cake for the first time or trying a different language – learning something new can be especially daunting and anxiety-triggering. Make sure your new task is within your realm of comfort, simple or challenging.

But let me tell you: after 15 minutes of adrenaline-filled bobcat driving, I felt like I could move mountains – let alone skids. Facing my longtime fear reignited a spark inside me, and I felt it for days.

CHALLENGE: Think back to a time (past or recent) when you felt a rush – maybe the first time on a bike, or after you completed your first marathon, or the birth of your first child – now try and recreate that feeling. It doesn’t have to be a big, life changing event. Maybe you want to try and hold plank for 30 seconds longer than you did yesterday, or you’ll finish that puzzle you’ve been working on for months.

Research says that even a little adrenaline can help you relax and boost your immune system!  

So, find your rush, big or small, and let it help get you through this crazy ride.  You might just find you are stronger than you know.

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