Stick it! Stick it good!

  • Oct 4, 2019



Stick it! Stick it good!

The 90s resurgence is real – even when it comes to stickers. Yes, stickers!

From travel adventures to funny quotes, popular bands, and supporting your favourite brands, stickers tell a story. And brands all over the world are jumping onto this trend, maximizing ways to integrate their brand messages or logos into the collectible craze.

What’s interesting about this trend, though, is its versatility and ability to transcend generations. Kids and adults alike enjoy customizing and infusing their personality and interests to water bottles, laptops, desktops, phone cases and binders. Best of all, for consumers, stickers are very inexpensive or quite often, free.

Brand-wise, stickers offer great exposure while remaining cost effective. The minimal cost compared to the great ROI and impression on consumers is a no-brainer.

Why wouldn’t you broadcast your business virtually for free??

That is precisely why companies are jumping at the chance to offer their clientele complimentary stickers as expressions of their brand.

Popular retailers like WLKN, Muskoka Bear Wear and Fluevog Shoes all provide stickers as ice breakers to talk to their clientele, and as a bonus for purchasing.  Vans, North Face and Patagonia are well known brands that have added stickers as part of their ongoing marketing strategy.

And many online stores love to tuck them into packages as a surprise for the recipient. If you’re extra lucky, your sticker and brand will be a welcome surprise in an online unboxing video, too.

It’s a win-win-situation.

So, how do you get into the sticker game?

Decide how you’d like to distribute. Some companies ask consumers to fill in an online form, while others will send the stickers in exchange for a self-addressed stamped envelope.

And make sure you have a sticker worth sticking.

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