Are you cozing up to Cozy Cardio?

  • Jan 5, 2024

Are you jumping on the “Cozy Cardio” trend?


A term coined by former weight-loss influencer Hope Zuckerbrow in 2022, Cozy Cardio is a fitness trend defined as a gentler, less intense form of exercise that can be done at-home, prioritizing self-care over stressful workouts.


As a business, how can you embrace Cozy Cardio both with your team and your clients with promotional products?


·         Offer a Cozy Cardio Kit for employees or clients as a smooth start into the new year – add custom branded items like a candle, mug, tea, and cushiony yoga mat to inspire everyone to participate.

·         Create flexible body breaks for those working in the office: offer a walking club, a yoga series at lunch, or a mindful meditation moment midday

·         Write it Down! Personalized calendars and journals are a great way to achieve your goals and we know everyone who receives one will love it.

·         And, don’t forget to look the part. Adding company-branded merch, like a warm toque, cool socks, sport jacket or tank will set your team and clients up for success.


Contact us to learn more about how Innovatex can create a custom cozy comfort ideas for you!

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