Rock Your First Impression With An Impressive Onboarding Kit

  • Jun 25, 2019

Make your employee feel comfortable and part of the team from the moment they arrive on their first day.  An impressive first impression will go a long way.  What should that onboarding package look like?




Have the CEO or the employees immediate superior  write a personal note of welcome on the first page.  A tip in page that includes key contact numbers, addresses of various locations, and the company’s mission statement is a nice touch.




If your company is set up with cubicles, or you need the employee to take part in online webinars immediately, these are a requirement.




Keep in mind that the quality and style of the pen, need to be in line with your brand.   After all, at the end of the day, it’s not about finding a pen, it’s about finding the pen that increases your brand equity. And this - like shoes - is what gets noticed.




This will vary depending on your office dress code, but hoodies or t-shirts are always appreciated!  Think cozy and on trend.  The highest ROI (Return on Investment) will be achieved with a garment that your new employee loves so much they live in it, both in and out of the office! 



Lanyard or Badge Holder



Depending on your security system, or keys required, this can be a necessity!



Water Bottle


Make sure they are getting their 8 glasses a day!   A healthy employee is a happy employee, and reduces those sick days!


Travel Mug 

Service that caffeine fix!  An alert employee is going to be more efficient.




Laptop Bag  


It’s important to package the entire kit together in a way that is both attractive and useful.   Keep that new laptop safe and protected, while letting them show off your brand, and their pride in their new position!!


Virtual office?  No problem, send it out prior to their start date.


Wondering where to start with your onboarding kit? Email us @




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